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Lincoln Peas harvested in Tucson
Lincoln (Homesteader) Peas
Our Price: $2.49

This heirloom variety was first introduced in England, coming to the US in 1908. This variety is noted for its exceptional quality and sweetness. The 18-30 inch plants produce a high yield of 3-4 inch pods that are very easy to shell. These peas do well when grown in hot weather. 62 days
Little Marvel Peas
Little Marvel Peas
Our Price: $2.49

This heirloom semi-dwarf variety has been a garden favorite for more than 100 years. The plants grow to about 24-30 inches in height. This variety is very dependable; producing large numbers of tightly packed 3 inch pods with 6-9 peas inside. Plant these vigorous plants and harvest high yields of delicious sweet plump peas for shelling. The peas stay well on the vine for an extended harvest. 62 days.