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Garden Peas and Edible Pod Peas

The green pea is one of the oldest cultivated vegetables. They are also prized as one of the earliest crops to come out of the garden. Peas grow well in partial shade or full sun. Different varieties produce either edible pods or garden peas for table use. Peas may be used in a variety of dishes and the edible pods are most often steamed or sautéed for a delicious side or main dish. The peas may be used fresh or dried and are an excellent source of nutrients. Be sure to let some of the peas mature and dry on the vines and save the seeds for your next planting.

Each packet contains one ounce or about 90-100 seeds.

Dwarf Grey Sugar Pod Peas
This is an early, productive, disease resistant pea with purple flowers and very sweet edible pea pods. The vines reach 2-3 feet tall and produce an abundance of flat pods that are about 3 inches long. These plants need little staking because of their size. These pea pods also freeze very well. 57 days.

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Lincoln Peas harvested in Tucson
Lincoln (Homesteader) Peas
This heirloom variety was first introduced in England, coming to the US in 1908. This variety is noted for its exceptional quality and sweetness. The 18-30 inch plants produce a high yield of 3-4 inch pods that are very easy to shell. These peas do well when grown in hot weather. 62 days

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Little Marvel Peas
This heirloom semi-dwarf variety has been a garden favorite for more than 100 years. The plants grow to about 24-30 inches in height. This variety is very dependable; producing large numbers of tightly packed 3 inch pods with 6-9 peas inside. Plant these vigorous plants and harvest high yields of delicious sweet plump peas for shelling. The peas stay well on the vine for an extended harvest. 62 days.

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Oregon Sugar Pod Snow Peas
This classic variety produces an abundance of delicious, sweet pea pods that grow on vigorous vines that can reach three feet tall. The pods are 4-5 inches long and about 3/4 inch wide. Resistant to pea enation virus, common wilt and powdery mildew, these are hardy prolific producers of sweet delicious pea pods. 60 days.

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