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You Say Tomato! (five packets - four tomato and one Italian Sweet Basil)
Our Price: $9.99

With this Heirloom Tomato Collection, you will receive four packets - Large Red Cherry Tomato, Marglobe Tomato, Porter Tomato and Italian Roma Tomato.

We'll add a packet of Italian Sweet Basil to spice up your tomato salad at no additional cost!
Bean There Planted That! (seven packets - six beans and one summer savory)
Our Price: $14.95

With this heirloom selection, we feature six packets of our favorite beans -Topcrop Bush Bean, Kentucky Wonder Bean, Royal Burgundy Bean, Cherokee Wax Bean, Fordhook Bush Lima Bean, and Topnotch Yellow Wax Bean.

Beans love to be grown with Summer Savory; it improves the growth and flavor of the beans. We'll include a packet of Summer Savory to add to your garden and your pot of beans at no additional cost.
Lettuce Grow Heirloom! (seven packets - six lettuce and one radish)
Our Price: $14.95

This is very best and sweetest Heirloom Lettuce Collection. We include six seed packets - Black Seeded Simpson, Buttercrunch, Oakleaf, Paris Island Romaine, Red Salad Bowl, and Salad Bowl.

Since lettuce likes being planted next to radishes, We will include a packet of radish seeds at no extra cost.