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All our seeds are open pollinated, chemically untreated and nonGMO. We specialize in carrying only heirloom seeds. We focus on finding varieties that perform well in extreme climates. With that said, our seeds are a favorite for many gardeners and we hope to be a part of your gardening experience, whether you are a master gardener or new to the joy of growing your own food.
Our Commitment
We are committed to your satisfaction. We work with the finest growers and assure that the germination rate of our selections  exceed the required minimum germination rates for vegetable, flower, and herb seeds. We will never carry hybrids, patented or genetically altered seeds.

We thank you for your interest and would love to hear from you.

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Safe Seed Initiative
Westwind Seeds and Gardenscapes llc is proud to be a signer of the Safe Seed Initiative. We do not knowingly purchase any genetically modified seeds. In addition, we do not purchase or sell PVP (patented) varieties of seeds. You can be assured that the seeds you purchase from Westwind Seeds are not altered genetically and not patented. Our selections allow you to save seeds from your harvest.

Cherry Belle Radish Numex Joe E. Parker Pepper
Our Price: $2.49
Our Price: $2.49
Introduced in 1949, this radish is very round and bright red. It grows to about 1 inch in diameter. It doesn’t tend to get pithy and retains its crisp texture longer than many other radishes. It has short tops and can be closely planted in any garden. 22 days. This variety produces eight inch long green peppers that are hot. Compared to the Numex Big Jim, the peppers are smaller and slightly milder. These peppers are wonderful for roasting, stuffing or grilling.  The excellent foliage coverage protects from sunscald in hot climates. 1,500 to 3,000 scovilles. 76 days.
Honeydew Melon - Orange Fleshed Mammoth Sandwich Island Salsify
Our Price: $2.49
Our Price: $2.49
This variety produces an abundance of 4-5 pound melons with very sweet orange flesh. The rind is a creamy gold color when ripe. Vines are prolific and require a good deal of water to produce well. 90 days. These slender roots average 9 inches long and 2 inches at the shoulder. The roots are creamy white color with a distinctive oyster-like flavor. This is an excellent, hardy variety; perhaps one of the most popular today.
Numex Big Jim Pepper Florida Broad Leaf Mustard
Our Price: $2.49
Our Price: $2.49
Florida Broadleaf Mustard
This variety produces a tremendous amount of medium-hot, very large peppers that are 7-9 inches long. These thick walled peppers are good for canning or freezing though they are superb fresh roasted. This variety continues to flower in hot dry weather and the fruit ripens all at once. They are an excellent choice for chile rellenos or tamales. 2,500 to 3,000 scovilles. 75 days.

Packet size = 1 gram
This variety produces large upright plants that can reach 2 feet tall. The broad oval shaped leaves have a distinct cream colored midrib. Leaves are relatively smooth and slightly serrated. 50 days.