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All our seeds are open pollinated, chemically untreated and nonGMO. We specialize in carrying only heirloom seeds. We focus on finding varieties that perform well in extreme climates. With that said, our seeds are a favorite for many gardeners and we hope to be a part of your gardening experience, whether you are a master gardener or new to the joy of growing your own food.
Our Commitment
We are committed to your satisfaction. We work with the finest growers and assure that the germination rate of our selections  exceed the required minimum germination rates for vegetable, flower, and herb seeds. We will never carry hybrids, patented or genetically altered seeds.

We thank you for your interest and would love to hear from you.

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Safe Seed Initiative
Westwind Seeds and Gardenscapes llc is proud to be a signer of the Safe Seed Initiative. We do not knowingly purchase any genetically modified seeds. In addition, we do not purchase or sell PVP (patented) varieties of seeds. You can be assured that the seeds you purchase from Westwind Seeds are not altered genetically and not patented. Our selections allow you to save seeds from your harvest.

Topcrop Bush Beans Hailstone Radish
Our Price: $2.49
Our Price: $2.49
This hardy green bean is stringless and disease resistant. The bushy plants produce pods that are crisp, meaty, and straight. This variety can produce somewhat earlier than other bush beans. A vigorous producer, the pods are excellent fresh, frozen or canned. 52 days. This variety produces a large round completely white radish with medium size tops. It is unusual and a great addition to salads when combined with red radishes. Hailstone radishes are relatively mild and crispy. They hold their flavor very well, rarely becoming bitter. 25 days.
Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion Danish Ballhead Cabbage
Our Price: $2.49
Our Price: $2.49
One of the favorite onions grown by the home gardener. This delicious onion has yellow-brown skin and mild, creamy white flesh. It is a long day onion that is a good keeper. This variety may also be used as bunching onions when young. The mature onions can weigh up to a pound. 105 days. This very dependable variety produces medium size, flat globe shaped cabbage. Each cabbage weighs about 5-6 pounds with dark outer leaves and light green interior. This old time favorite is a great keeper, whether in the garden or in storage. 100 days.
French Breakfast Radish Little Marvel Peas
Our Price: $2.49
Our Price: $2.49
This variety produces very mild radishes that are scarlet with a white tip and slightly oblong shape. The interior is white, crisp and solid. The flavor is excellent and very mild. 25 days. This heirloom semi-dwarf variety has been a garden favorite for more than 100 years. The plants grow to about 24-30 inches in height. This variety is very dependable; producing large numbers of tightly packed 3 inch pods with 6-9 peas inside. Plant these vigorous plants and harvest high yields of delicious sweet plump peas for shelling. The peas stay well on the vine for an extended harvest. 62 days.