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All our seeds are open pollinated, chemically untreated and nonGMO. We specialize in carrying only heirloom seeds. We focus on finding varieties that perform well in extreme climates. With that said, our seeds are a favorite for many gardeners and we hope to be a part of your gardening experience, whether you are a master gardener or new to the joy of growing your own food.

Our Commitment
We are committed to your satisfaction. We work with the finest growers and assure that the germination rate of our selections exceed the required minimum germination rates for vegetable, flower, and herb seeds. We will never carry hybrids, patented or genetically altered seeds.
We thank you for your interest and would love to hear from you.

Safe Seed Initiative
Westwind Seeds and Gardenscapes llc is proud to be a signer of the Safe Seed Initiative. We do not knowingly purchase any genetically modified seeds. In addition, we do not purchase or sell PVP (patented) varieties of seeds. You can be assured that the seeds you purchase from Westwind Seeds are not altered genetically and not patented. Our selections allow you to save seeds from your harvest.

Rattlesnake Pole Beans White Vienna Kohlrabi
Our Price: $2.49
Our Price: $2.49
These heat and drought resistant beans produce deep green pods with violet stripes. Pods are round and about 7" long. These beautiful beans have a distinctive and delicious flavor. The dry beans are speckled with brown and black and adapted to dry country gardening more so than many other beans. Vigorous vines can grow more than 10 feet tall. 70 days.

Packet size = 1.25 ounces
The 10 inch tall plants produce  flattened globe shaped bulbs. The skin is a pale green with white flesh. This variety is slightly earlier than the Purple Vienna. Assure that it grows in cool weather as heat will make it bitter. The bulb sits above the ground and may be prepared in a variety of ways - steamed, broiled, grated and baked. Very delicious. 55 days.
Michihili Salad King Endive
Our Price: $2.49
Our Price: $2.49
Most often used raw in salads, this beautiful Chinese cabbage has tender leaves and a sweet, mildly spicy flavor. The outer leaves are a green and the long interior head is solid, well blanched and crisp. The plant is about 18 inches tall and 6 inches wide. 80 days.

Packet size = 2 grams
A widely grown and popular variety that does well under difficult conditions including hot weather and frost. The leaves are finely curled with light green mid-ribs. Slow to bolt and self-blanching, the plants are broad and can grow 10 inches tall and 24 inches wide. 75 days.
Purple Vienna Kohlrabi Little Finger Carrots
Our Price: $2.49
Our Price: $2.49
This variety produces a purple skinned bulb with greenish white flesh. The bulb is best when harvested at about 2-3 inches in diameter. The flavor is similar to a very mild turnip with a hint of radish. 60 days. Grow in cool weather; heat makes this variety bitter. Originated in France, these little gourmet carrots develop color quickly. Pull when the root is about three inches long. These sweet, deep orange colored carrots can be grown in small spaces for high yields. Consider container gardening for these delicious carrots. Unlike commercial "baby" carrots that are simply cut from larger carrots, these real baby heirloom carrots are grown to be harvested when very small. 50 days.