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flwr-afr   African or Cape Daisy
flwr- Alys   Alyssum - Carpet of Snow Flowers
lee-010   American Flag Leeks
ruta-010   American Purple Top Rutabaga
peph-150   Anaheim Chile Pepper
peph-010   Ancho/Poblano Pepper
hrb-anise   Anise
cuc-010   Armenian Cucumber
lets-010   Arugula or Rocket
flwr-blueboy   Bachelor Button - Blue Boy Flowers
flwr-cent   Bachelor Buttons Mixed (Centaurea Cyanus) Flowers
peph-020   Barker's Hot Pepper
hrb-baslem   Basil - Lemon
Sampl-Basil   Basil Blend
hrb-basgen   Basil, Genovese Italian
hrb-basita   Basil, Italian Large Leaf
hrb-bascin   Basil, Mexican Spice (Cinnamon)
hc-001   Bean There Planted That! (seven packets - six beans and one summer savory)
tom-001   Beefsteak Tomato
sampl-beet   Beet Variety Blend
egg-010   Black Beauty Eggplant
wat-011   Black Diamond, Colorado Certified Watermelon
letl-010   Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce
rad-005   Black Spanish Radish
sumsqu-050   Black Zucchini (Black Beauty)
spi-0101   Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach
squwin-050   Blue Hubbard Squash
hrb-bor   Borage
samp-bean   Bush Bean Blend
squwin-010   Bush Table Queen (Acorn) Squash
let-010   Buttercrunch Lettuce
squwin-020   Buttercup Squash
Bro-010   Calabrese Broccoli (Green Sprouting)
pepm-010   California Wonder Bell Pepper
mel-010   Casaba Golden Beauty Melon
hrb-cat   Catnip
peph-030   Cayenne Pepper
hrb-cham   Chamomile - German
bbe-021   Cherokee Wax Bush Beans
rad-010   Cherry Belle Radish
tom-003   Cherry Tomato
hrb-chervil   Chervil
rad-060   China White Radish
bee-090   Chioggia (Bullseye) Beets
hrb-chv   Chives
hrb-cil   Cilantro (Coriander)
letr-009   Cimmaron Romaine Lettuce
okr-010   Clemson Spineless Okra
cab-010   Copenhagen Market Cabbage
flwr-cos   Cosmos - Sensation Blend Flowers
mel-020   Crenshaw Melon
gou-010   Cucuzzi Squash (Italian Edible Gourd)
squsum-010   Cucuzzi Squash (Italian Edible Gourd)
bee-030   Cylindra Beets
cab-020   Danish Ballhead Cabbage
Car-010   Danver's Half Long Carrots
squwin-040   Delicata Squash
bee-040   Detroit Dark Red Beets
hrb-dilbou   Dill, Bouquet
hrb-mamisl   Dill, Mammoth Island
kal-020   Dwarf Blue Curled Kale
peae-010   Dwarf Grey Sugar Pod Peas
squsum-020   Dwarf Yellow Crookneck Squash
cab-030   Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage
squsum-030   Early Prolific Straightneck Squash
rad-020   Early Scarlet Globe Radish
cau-010   Early Snowball Cauliflower
sumsqu-030   Early White Bush Scallop Squash
bee-050   Early Wonder Beets
mel-030   Eden Gem/Rocky Ford Cantaloupe
fav-010   Fava Broad Windsor Beans
flwr flaxb   Flax(Linum) Blue Flowers
mus-010   Florida Broad Leaf Mustard
swch-010   Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard
rad-030   French Breakfast Radish
hrb-chvgar   Garlic Chives
col-010   Georgia Southern Collards
mus-020   Giant Southern Curled Mustard
cor-010   Golden Bantam Corn
bbe-022   Golden Wax Topnotch Bush Beans
art-010   Green Globe Artichoke
sumsqu-060   Grey Zucchini Squash
rad-040   Hailstone Radish
Par-010   Harris Early Parsnip
cuc-040   Homemade Pickles Cucumber
mel-050   Honeydew Melon - Orange Fleshed
mel-040   Honeydew Melon-Green Fleshed
pum-010   Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin
peph-040   Jalapeno Pepper
tom-007   Jubilee Tomato
bep-030   Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans
beal-020   King of the Garden Pole Lima Beans
swch-020   Large White Ribbed Swiss Chard
samp-let   Leaf Lettuce Variety Blend
cuc-020   Lemon Cucumber
hc-003   Lettuce Grow Heirloom! (seven packets - six lettuce and one radish)
peag-010   Lincoln (Homesteader) Peas
car-040   Little Finger Carrots
peag-020   Little Marvel Peas
bru-010   Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts
egg-020   Long Purple Eggplant
gou-020   Luffa Sponge Gourd
sal-001   Mammoth Sandwich Island Salsify
flwr-mgdd   Marigolds - French Double Dwarf
flwr-mgcr   Marigolds-Crackerjack Mix
flwr-marvel   Marvel of Peru (Four O'Clock) Blend Flowers
asp-001   Mary Washington Asparagus
ccab-020   Michihili
lets-020   Mizuna
car-020   Nantes Carrots
flwr-natjewl   Nasturtium - Dwarf Jewel Mixed
oni-040   Nebuka White Sweet Bunching Onion
spi-020   Nobel (Giant Thick Leaved) Spinach
peph-050   Numex Big Jim Pepper
letl-020   Oak Leaf Lettuce
peae-020   Oregon Sugar Pod Snow Peas
ccab-010   Pak Choi (Bok Choy)
letr-010   Parris Island Romaine Lettuce
pars-001   Parsley - Evergreen
pars-002   Parsley, Moss Curled
okr-020   Perkins Long Green Pod Okra
letl-030   Prizehead Lettuce
cow-030   Purple Hull Pinkeye Cowpeas
turn-001   Purple Top White Globe Turnip
koh-010   Purple Vienna Kohlrabi
Sampl-rad   Radish Variety Packet
bep-040   Rattlesnake Pole Beans
cab-040   Red Acre Cabbage
oni-010   Red Creole Onion
kal-010   Red Russian Kale
letl-040   Red Salad Bowl Lettuce
tom-010   Roma Paste Tomato
bbe-030   Roma, Flat Italian (Romano) Beans
sumsqu-070   Round Bush Zucchini
bbe-040   Royal Burgundy Bush Beans
car-030   Royal Chantenay Carrots
Bee-070   Ruby Queen Beets
swch-030   Ruby Red Swiss Chard
hrb-sag   Sage, Broadleaf
letl-050   Salad Bowl Lettuce
let-030   Salad King Endive
peph-070   Sandia Pepper
peph-080   Santa Fe Grande Pepper
peph-090   Serrano Pepper
pum-020   Small Sugar Pumpkin
squwin-060   Spaghetti Squash
rad-050   Sparkler Radish
cuc-030   Straight Eight Cucumber
wat-015   Sugar Baby Watermelon
hrb-sum   Summer Savory
flwr-sun   Sunflower - Mammoth Grey Striped
flwr-sunlem   Sunflower, Lemon Queen
pepm-040   Sweet Banana Pepper
sampl-chard   Swiss Chard Variety Blend
sumsqu-040   Tatume or Mexican Squash
bbe-050   Tendergreen Improved Beans
Mus-030   Tendergreen Mustard
bbe-060   Topcrop Bush Beans
cel-010   Utah 52-70 R Improved Celery
col-020   Vates Collards
bro-020   Waltham 29 Broccoli
squwin-030   Waltham Butternut Squash
rad-070   White Icicle Radish
oni-020   White Sweet Spanish Onion
koh-020   White Vienna Kohlrabi
flwr-butterfly   Wildflower - Bird & Butterfly Mix
flwr-wildwest   Wildflower - Southwest Blend
bep-001   Yard Long Beans (Red Seed)
mel-080   Yellow Canary (Jaunes des Canaries) Melon
tom-008   Yellow Pear Tomato
oni-030   Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion
hc-002   You Say Tomato! (five packets - four tomato and one Italian Sweet Basil)
flwr-zindal   Zinnia - Giant Dahlia Flower Blend
flwr-zin   Zinnia, California Giant Mix

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