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Watermelon - there is nothing to compare to the taste of vine ripened watermelon on a hot summer afternoon. These melons love the Tucson summers but require large amounts of water to produce well. Sugar Baby is very popular in smaller gardens. Watermelon is high in vitamins and minerals and an excellent source of fiber.

Black Diamond, Colorado Certified Watermelon
This variety produces large round watermelons weighing about thirty pounds. The skin is dark green and the flesh is red and sweet. The heavy vine growth and large leaves help prevent sunburn. 90 days.

Packet size: 3.5 grams

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Sugar Baby Watermelon
This is a very popular small and sweet watermelon. Each melon averages about 6 pounds. The dark red flesh has a remarkably sweet flavor and excellent texture. This variety is also heat resistant, making it ideal for desert gardens. It only weighs about six pounds and is a classic “ice box” watermelon.

Packet size = 2 grams

Our Price: $2.49
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