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Gourds are most often dried and used for decoration though some varieties, such as luffas, have a specific and functional purpose. Spreading over a large area, the rapidly growing vines need a good deal of garden space. The smaller varieties may be trellised to save space. These heat loving plants produce dense foliage and odd-shaped fruit with unusual markings. Gourds are easy and fun to grow.

Packet sizes vary from 2-3 grams depending upon seed size. These large packets allow you to save your seeds for two seasons. Gourd seeds will germinate well for more than 2 years. You'll have plenty of seeds to grow a large variety of gourds. You can also easily save your own seeds from the dried gourds that you grow.

Luffa Sponge Gourd
Luffa Sponge Gourd
One of the most versatile gourds, the immature fruit is delicious cooked, raw or sun-dried. Left to mature, the fruit can reach 1-2 feet and can be used as bath sponges or pot scrubbers. These vines are natural climbers that can reach 10-15 feet long. Plant the seed in well composted soil in full sun for best results. 110 days. more info

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