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Rather than a pea, Cowpeas are considered to be a bean. Cowpeas are used as snap beans when immature, as fresh shelled beans and later as dry beans. They are extremely versatile and particularly well suited to dry hot climates. Grow these seeds in warm/hot climates; they do not do well in cool weather. The young immature beans may be eaten as you would snap beans. Asparagus Yard Long Beans are grown as a snap green bean while Black-eyed Peas are most often grown for the delicious beans that develop in the pods. You may let the mature beans dry right on the vine.

(Packet size = 1 ounce)

Black-eyed Peas (California Blackeye)
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A Southern favorite, this Cowpea or Southern Pea may used fresh or dried. Vines are heavy yielding and resistant to disease, growing to 40 inches. This variety is particularly suited to desert gardens as it is drought and heat resistant. It needs long hot summers to produce well and is very susceptible to frost. 60 days for dry, 45 days for snap.
Purple Hull Pinkeye Cowpeas
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Hardy compact, bush type plants produce white peas with pink or purple eyes. This cowpea produces well in poor soil and has excellent disease resistance. It needs to be planted after all danger of frost has past and it loves the heat. 68 days for dry, 50 days for snap.

Packet size = 1.25 ounces
Yard Long Beans (Red Seed)
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This variety originated in China. The pencil thin pods can grow over three feet long but are best when picked about 12-15" long. The flavor is delicate and somewhat similar to asparagus. Vines can grow more than 10 feet long and produce well throughout the hot Tucson summers. It thrives in hot weather; producing long after all other beans have failed. This "bean" is actually not a bean at all but a cowpea. The plants are very sensitive to cold. 70 days.

Packet size = 1 ounce