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Lima Beans are believed to have originated in Peru or Guatemala and are also called butterbeans. The pods are a bright green and the seeds are a creamy white color. The kidney shaped bean is large and somewhat flat. The dried beans are used in stews and succotash, a traditional dish made with corn and lima beans. The fresh beans have a wonderful sweet less starchy taste than the dried beans. The fresh beans are highly perishable so pick them when you want to use them; they do not store well.

King of the Garden Pole Lima Beans
King of the Garden Pole Lima Beans
This old time variety yields a large amount of tender creamy-green flat Lima beans in large 6" pods. This variety loves hot weather and does not tolerate cold weather. These beans are larger than the Fordhook Lima bean. 88 days.

Packet size = 1.25 ounces
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