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Onions are easily grown from seed. They can be used for their green stems or the popular bulbs that form when the onion matures. Onions may be mild flavored or pungent, depending upon the variety. Cooked or raw onions may be used to accent any meal. Onions produce bulbs according to day lengths, short day onions produce when there are fewer hours of daylight and long day onions produce when there are more hours of daylight.

Each packet contains one gram of seed or about 300 seeds. Onion seeds do not store well, germination will reduce significantly after one or two seasons.

Nabuka Bunching Onion
Nabuka White Sweet Bunching Onion
This variety produces absolutely beautiful thin bunching onions with white tips and slender dark green tops. It is slow to bulb so you can harvest over a longer period of time. 60 days.

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Red Creole Onion
This sweet onion produces medium sized bulbs with dark red skin. It is an excellent mild and sweet flavored onion with pink to white flesh. It stores well. 110 days.

Packet size = 1 gram

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White Sweet Spanish Onion
This seed produces delicious medium to large white onions. This top shaped onion is rich and mild tasting. Intermediate day and mid range storage capabilities. 130 days.

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Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion
One of the favorite onions grown by the home gardener. This delicious onion has yellow-brown skin and mild, creamy white flesh. It is a long day onion that is a good keeper. This variety may also be used as bunching onions when young. The mature onions can weigh up to a pound. 105 days.

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