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Rutabagas are a very old root crop believed to be a cross between a turnip and a wild cabbage. The leaves are edible and have a distinct cabbage flavor. The root is yellow with a peppery, somewhat sweet flavor. It is also know as "Swede Turnip" or yellow turnip. Used like potatoes, the roots are often boiled, steamed or mashed. Very cold tolerant, rutabagas hate the heat. They must be planted as a fall or winter vegetable in warm climates. Harvest when young;the flavor is much better.

Each packet contains .5 grams of seed about 200 seeds. You can save your seed for about 4 years.

American Purple Top Rutabaga
American Purple Top Rutabaga
The roots grow to about 5 inches in diameter with large bushy blue-green leaves. The skin is a deep buff to light yellow with a slight purple color on the top. The yellow flesh is very firm and fine grained. Rutabagas are sweeter when grown in cool weather. 60 days.

Packet size: 1 gram
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