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Swiss Chard is a hardy leafy vegetable that produces tender greens throughout a long growing season. The plants tend to be both heat and cold hardy, making it an excellent choice for any garden. The greens can be used like lettuce or lightly steamed like spinach. Swiss chard holds up to hot weather that causes lettuce to bolt. Chard continues to produce through light frosts.

Swiss Chard packets contain 4 grams of seed; more than 200 seeds per packet. Save you seeds for the next season or do succession plantings. Swiss chard is very hardy and can withstand heat and frost.

Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard
Ideal for summer gardens, this large leafy green chard can be grown year round in Tucson. It is bolt resistant and a reliable producer. The quality is best when the young tender leaves are harvested. 60 days.

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Large White Ribbed Swiss Chard
This variety has extremely wide stems that accent the rumpled dark green leaves. The stems can be mashed and cooked or sliced and eaten like celery. These upright plants are hardy and slow to bolt.

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Ruby Red Swiss Chard
This beautiful plant produces dark green, heavily rumpled leaves with deep red stalks. Rhubarb or Ruby chard is particularly popular for its sweet and tender leaves. Interplant with the Fordhook and White Ribbed varieties and have a wonderful supply of tasty greens that produce well under adverse conditions.

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