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Tomatoes are extremely versatile and surprisingly hardy.  We have selected a variety of heirloom and open pollinated seeds that provide delicious, flavorful fruit. Our selection includes small varieties, such as Cherry, Porter, and Yellow Pear, to large Beefsteak and Pearson tomatoes, in colors ranging from pink to red and yellow to gold.

Tomatoes are especially popular as a summer crop in the Tucson desert. Many varieties are available and we've chosen the ones that produce well in this hot and dry climate. Try several types and determine your own favorite. In the desert, plant tomatoes indoors in December for transplanting in late February. Save some in case there is a freeze and you need to transplant. Blossoms will open before the hot weather sets in. The pollen burns in hot temperatures and the tomatoes will not set fruit again until the rains come in late August. We often have fresh tomatoes on our table at Thanksgiving.

All of our packets include 1 gram of seed, approximately 300 seeds. Tomato seeds germinate well for more than 3 years; you can save your seed, share your seed or have enough to plant in spring and have plenty of seeds for fall planting. In Tucson, we try to get our starter plants set out early and the extra seed allows a replanting should a late freeze damage the plants.

Roma Tomatoes ripen in the Arizona sun
Roma Paste Tomato
This delicious paste and sauce tomato grows on vigorous semi-determinate vines that help to shade the small tomatoes from sunburn. The classic paste and sauce tomato - Romas are sweet and juicy. With few seeds and thick meaty walls, the fruit produces wonderfully thick sauce and paste. This variety does well in hot and dry weather.
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