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Collards are cabbage relatives with dark green leaves and fairly long stems. These varieties are non-heading with slightly rumpled leaves green to blue green in color. Collards withstand high temperatures, insuring its popularity as an excellent heat resistant addition to your garden. It is more tolerant of heat than other cabbage members as well as slower to bolt. The leaves have a very strong and robust flavor and are best when picked young.

Georgia Southern Collards
This old time heirloom collard has a reputation for doing well in hot weather and tolerating poor soils. This non-heading variety produces numerous large blue-green leaves. A light freeze improves the flavor. 70 days.

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Vates Collards
This variety is fast growing and very hardy in hot as well as cold weather. This bolt resistant plant grows about 20 inches tall and is not susceptible to wind damage. Vates produces well over a long period of time. 80 days.

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