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Corn is a very versatile vegetable; used fresh, dried or ground for meal. It is considered a staple in many diets and is easily grown. Standard varieties need a considerable amount of garden space to produce well. Most corn can be grown in any area that offers a frost-free season of 70-110 days. (Packet size = 1 ounce)

Golden Bantam Corn
First introduced in 1902, Golden Bantam is a popular yellow variety sweet corn. The six foot stalks produce slender, sweet, excellent quality ears that average about 6-7 inches long. It is one of the sweetest open pollinated varieties available today.

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Strawberry Popcorn
This unusual variety does extremely well in hot climates. The stalks may grow only 3-4 feet tall and produce small ears with dark blue kernels. The corn is dried and ground to make corn meal for tortillas and bread.

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Rainbow Corn (Indian Ornamental)
Very vigorous stalks can grow up to 7 feet tall and produce large ears filled with orange, yellow, red, purple and brown kernels that are sometimes variegated. Traditionally used for decoration, the dried kernels can be ground but it is not as flavorful as the Hopi Blue Corn.

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