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Eggplant is an especially popular summer crop in the Southwest. These beautiful plants are of the nightshade family, related to tomato, pepper and potato. Eggplant is used in casseroles, dips, roasted or baked and a key ingredient in many Mediterranean and Italian dishes. It is much easier to grow than many people realize. Growing about two feet tall, the plant produces delicious versatile and elegant looking fruit in large quantities. This warm weather vegetable provides the best harvest during long hot summers.The plants are very susceptible to frost.

Our eggplant packets contain 1.5 grams of seed; that's about 300 seeds. This seed can be saved for up to 3 years and still have good germination.

Black Beauty Eggplant
This popular variety produces medium sized plants that bear large egg-shaped fruit with smooth purple-black skin. Black Beauty produces well in hot climates and can tolerate drought conditions. It is a reliable producer of delicious 4-6 inch fruit that holds up well after harvest. 75 days.

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Long Purple Eggplant
This variety produces long slender dark violet fruit that can grow up to 10 inches long and 2-3 inches in diameter. The eggplant is mild flavored and delicious. This prolific variety grows on bushy plants that can grow to more than 2 feet tall. 75 days.

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