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Asparagus is a perennial that takes about three years to produce a large yield of spears. Once the bed is established, asparagus can produce for 15 to 25 years. The seed-started bed will yield a greater number of larger and more tender spears than a crown-planted bed. Starting your asparagus bed from seed also reduces the chances of fusarium disease.

Each packet contains 4 grams of seed, or about 120 seeds. This packet as enough seed for you to plant a large bed of asparagus to enjoy for years.

Mary Washington Asparagus
Mary Washington Asparagus
This is the finest black seeded asparagus we can find. The seed produces long straight, tender spears with tight tips. This variety is rust resistant and is more heat and drought resistant than many other varieties, making it more tolerant of dry hot weather. The delicious stalks are green with little or no purple overcast. more info

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