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Artichokes  are beautiful plants that produce edible flower buds, known as artichokes. Originating in Italy, this delightful vegetable can be grown for the buds or simply as an ornamental. We have selected the Globe Artichoke, a perennial that will grow very large and produce well for four to six years. Start the seeds inside and transplant the vibrant, silver-gray plants outside after all frost danger is past. Discard the white plants or those that do not flourish as well as the others. The unopened flower buds (the artichoke) are harvested in late summer and fall.

Each packet contains 2 grams of seed, or about 40 seeds. A few plants can produce a large harvest of artichokes for many years.

Green Globe Artichoke
Green Globe Artichoke
Also known as French Artichoke, this heirloom variety dates back to the 1500s.  This perennial grows to about 4 feet tall and can reach 6 feet wide. You may plant in a large container or trough; allow for good drainage. The large beautiful plants produce thick fleshed artichokes. For limited space gardens, consider growing artichokes in large containers. more info

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