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Westwind Gardenscapes

Enclosed Gardens
We design and build enclosed gardens in Tucson. We can design any size, any shape that you may want. Whether it's a 10x10 foot enclosed small garden or a 10x30 foot enclosed copper garden, we are happy to work with you on location, size and design. We provide all materials, the structure, the screening, the soil and compost as well as the seeds and starter plants. We can also design an irrigation system with a timer to allow you to preset your garden's water needs.

Many of our clients have us maintain their gardens either on a weekly or monthly basis. We also replant all the vegetables, flowers and herbs that you want each season. Home grown organic vegetables and herbs for a fraction of the price of store bought vegetables.

We utilize only organic methods for weed control and pest management.

If you are interested, please contact Reggie at [email protected] or call 520 887 2106.

Garden Consulting
Interested in growing your own garden? Do you have questions or problems with your current garden? Not sure where you want to locate your garden or how big you want it? We are here to help. We do Garden Consults in the Tucson area.

To contact us for an appointment, please contact Reggie at [email protected] or call 520 887 2106.

Thank you for your interest in our design and planting services.