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Our Seed Selections
We have chosen varieties that perform well in extreme weather conditions. We purchase from the finest growers throughout the Western States and test all our varieties in Tucson, Arizona. We determine the varieties that we believe to be the most resistant, hardiest and best flavored vegetables and herbs that thrive in our rather severe climate. These varieties also do extremely well in less harsh conditions. Our seeds are popular from Oregon to Maine.

Our Catalog Listings
We list vegetables, flowers and herb sees by group (beans for example) and varieties (Asparagus Yard Long Beans for example) appear in alphabetical order. The number of days to harvest is listed after each variety. This number reflects the average days, under ideal conditions, it takes for the particular vegetable to maturity. The days to harvest is simply a guide to compare varieties and an estimate of the time to produce vegetables ready to harvest. The weather and other conditions can change this dramatically. Within each listing, we provide a description of each variety and any particular growing information that may affect your choices. Any unusual characteristics or growing needs may be listed under this description.

Our Packets
All packet sizes have enough seeds for a family garden. Many of our packets contain significantly more than commercial seed packets. If you are interested in buying a large amount of a particular seed, please contact us and we will give you a price.

Our packets do not contain specific planting information. We provide a detailed Westwind Seeds Planting Guide to help you plant your seeds.

Planting Information
We supply planting information in this web site under all our category listings. In addition, you may find more detail under the "more information" section in each vegetable, flower and herb variety description. Click "more info" and you will find planting information and some details about each variety we have selected.

Our Commitment
We are committed to your satisfaction. We guarantee our seeds for one year from purchase. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions. If you have any ideas for new varieties, please let us know.

Reggie Smith
Owner/Master Gardener